Friday, March 7, 2014

Maine Mitten Project News & Updates

The 2014 campaign effort is well under way with hand made donations accumulating. Here are a few good stories to share!

River Bailey, a senior at Sacopee Valley High school, is a young man who was asked to do some community service. He learned about our project and decided to help those less fortunate than himself and has sent us 16 pairs of fleece mittens that he made for our cause. River has been involved with fiber before while raising angora rabbits in 4H.

Thank you River! No doubt the recipients of your lovely mittens will be happy and warmer becasue of your thoughtful caring.

Barbara Fiske is from Adams, Ma. She found out about our project on the web and said she began knitting right away. She plans to continue knitting and sending them to us knowing how cold the weather has been. She signed her note saying that all items have been knitted with love for the recipients. She has sent us 16 items so far!

Thank you Barbara and I know the homeless recipients will be thankful as well. We will look forward to your continued support!

IF you or someone you know is interested in helping, the people of Maine will be grateful to you all!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Casco Bay Fibers New Drop Location for Maine Mitten Project

I'm very pleased to announce that Casco Bay Fibers at 15 Main St In Freeport is now accepting donations for the Maine Mitten Project. I haven't had the pleasure of visiting Karen's store yet but plan to when I am in Maine in February. A big thank you to Karen for supporting our cause!  I look forward to all of the folks who will learn about our project and make donations thanks to Casco Bay Fibers.

Hopefully all of you Spa folks will take a minute to drop by Karen's shop and check it out during the 2014 spa weekend if you haven't already!

Visit  Casco Bay Fibers to learn more about them, their knitting classes, and our project! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

New Contributions Continue to Come in!

A heartfelt thank you for our new contributions of much needed men's items!

Patti Quinn - Meredith, NH 

Mary Timberlake - Princeton, NJ 

Joanne LaCroix - Fairfax, Va

Tom - Portland, Me

Thank you!

And a very Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

    Monday, November 4, 2013

    Sanford Maine WIC Program Grateful for OUR Hard Work!

    This just in from another grateful group! Thank you Brenda for letting us know! It's what helps keep us going :-)

    "Dear Mitten Project Members,
    Thank you very much for the hats and mittens that you donated to the WIC program in Sanford.  The items are beautiful and we are very grateful to everyone who worked so hard to make them.  With the weather getting colder we are able to hand these warm items out to families in need.
    Again, thank you for your generosity." 

    York County Community Action WIC program.
    Brenda Feenstra

    Saturday, November 2, 2013

    Shaw House in Bangor Making Youths Happy Thanks to Maine Mitten Project Contributors!

    Just got a lovely note from Sally at Shaw House in Bangor, one of our recipient shelters, that focuses on youths. I can't tell you how proud I am of our accomplishment and of the impact we are having on our community!

    I just had to share it with you!

    "Thank you so much for the distribution of hats and mittens from the Maine Mitten Project. All of the items are absolutely wonderful and we are very, very  grateful to everyone that worked on the project with you, for their kindness, time and talent.
    We have started to distribute warm hats and mittens to the homeless youth that we serve here and they are thrilled to receive them! Now that the weather is getting colder these items are an amazing resource for our Street Outreach workers when they connect with young people on the streets. Also for young people at our Shelter and Day Drop-in Center, when they see the colorful hats and mittens their eyes light up! We will post some pictures of these happy faces (and happy hands J) on our Facebook and our Website, so that you can share with all the wonderful people that contributed to the project. Please let them know that thanks to all of your generous hearts and caring hands, the homeless youth that we serve at Shaw House, now have some protection from the worst of the Maine winter this year.
    Again thank you Gale for inviting us to be a recipient of the Maine Mittens Project … we are truly grateful for this generous support!
    Very best wishes,"
    Sally Tardiff
    Executive Director
    Shaw House
    Tel: 207-941-2874
    Fax: 207-941-2875

    I will post a link once I see that they have posted some of their pics but  take a minute to check out what this great organization does for Maine youths!

    Sunday, October 27, 2013

    New Donations for The Maine MItten Project

    Giving thanks to some recent donors!

    Want to help but have no yarn? There's lots of yarn now available at the Heart of Biddeford on Main St, Biddeford for anyone wishing to create but has no yarn. Stop by during their business hours 8am - 5pm to pick up yarn.

    Thanks to Mary Dardano, Susan Swanton, Linda Monmaney, and Ann Thompson for the yarn donations! Ann has been collecting yarns for us from various resources and though I don't know who they are, we are grateful :-)

    Thanks also goes out to Knitters from the Scarborough Public library, Hawkins from Brunswick, Me, and Diane Peach all the way from Story City Iowa who recently sent in hand made items.

    Friday, October 18, 2013

    Thank You From York County Shelter For Mitten Project Donation

    ALL but one  delivery has been made and the recipient organizations have been truly grateful making this project very rewarding,

    Joan Sylvester, Community Relations Director/Volunteer Coordinator of the York County Shelter Program sent us this kind note:

    "It is truly amazing the “huge” number of items people sent in support of the Maine Mitten Project. I saw the picture of some of the items displayed at the Fryeburg Fair  Fiber Arts Center on your blog.  Unbelievable! It is so heartwarming to know that this many kind, caring people are knitting for our homeless men, women, and children. When our folks “brave” the chilly Maine winters, they will know that the person who knit the hat, mittens and/or scarf they wear cares very much about them. Please share with your donors our great gratitude for all their efforts for others, please include yourself in our gratitude."

    Your welcome Joan! It has been our pleasure!