Thursday, March 7, 2013

Reading, MA group Collecting for the Maine Mitten Project

It has recently come to my attention that member and member of the Ravelry Maine Mitten Project group, Mary Ines of N Reading, MA is collecting hand mades at her church for us. Turns out she has family in the Fryeburg area and visits there often. She plans to collect completed work and drop them off at our drop location, Close Knit Sisters in N Conway, when she comes to town.

She has so far collected work from:

Alice Webb and Martha Wishart of Reading, MA.

Thank you ladies!

Mary is planning to send some photos to post when she has a chance.
Anyone out there in the Reading, MA area is welcome to drop off there:

Mary/ The Maine Mitten Project
The Church of Good Shepherd
95 Woburn St
Reading, MA01867

OR send to our S Portland, ME mail to address in the right column of this page.

Thanks for your efforts Mary! We'll look forward to your pictures!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Maine Mitten Project Donation Count as of March 4th, 2013

Trying to keep track of the incoming donations for this project is not an easy task! Certainly, it is not completely accurate but thought you might like to see where we are to the best of my knowledge as of today... I know there is more stuff out there but this is what we have in hand right now.

So here it is!

Hats: 82

Mittens: 41

Scarves: 36

Keep 'em coming folks! Maine's homeless certainly will appreciate your hard work!

Thanks all!

Catching up!

I was recently visiting my family in Maine so was finally able to get some photos of donations we have received and give some credit to our donors!

Blue Beannies from Moi :-)

Lovely Cloche from Janice Beaulieu of Port Charlotte, FL

Check this lovely group out! Our "mail to" came home one afternoon to find a shopping bag with these lovely bundles in it! Hats and matching scarves tied together with ribbons! Thanks to Merideth whoever you are!

These scarves came from Sharon but somehow I don't have where she is from! Sorry Sharon but thanks for you donation!

Thank you all!

Donations From Close Knit Sisters Growing for Maine Mitten Project

Got these wonderful photos from Close Knit Sisters in N. Conway recently. They sure have been busy! Way to go!

Cheryl & Zoe Reported 38 pairs of mittens, 47 Hats and 28 scarves as of February 18th!

Donations collected at Close Knit Sisters so far came from:

Roberta, Judy, Suzanne, Pag, Kathy, Paula & The Valley Lutheran Knitters all of N. Conway.

Sandy - Freedom, NH
Kieran, Karen & Anna - Freedom, NH
Louise & Gloria - Conway, NH
Deeann - Fryeburg, Me
Joyce - Lovell, Me
Chris & Cheryl - Stow, Me

"And last but certainly not least - Jody from Jackson, NH had 68 hats done" as of Feb 25th! She took tags home to attach to her creations.

Close Knit Sisters has received many yarn donations for the project and apparently Jody took a bunch more yarn home with her to continue her stock pile for the project.

Amazing you are Jody and thanks to Close Knit Sisters who have been so supportive of our efforts!

This final photo is what they collected this last week. Maine's homeless will be a lot warmer thanks to all of you out there who are caring enough to take time from your busy lives to create hand mades for the homeless! The sisters keep thanking the Maine Mitten Project for this opportunity. I am glad to have connected with you and so appreciate all that you are doing. I am feeling such a strong sense of community and humanity form your efforts. There just aren't enough words to say....