Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Donations for The Maine MItten Project

Giving thanks to some recent donors!

Want to help but have no yarn? There's lots of yarn now available at the Heart of Biddeford on Main St, Biddeford for anyone wishing to create but has no yarn. Stop by during their business hours 8am - 5pm to pick up yarn.

Thanks to Mary Dardano, Susan Swanton, Linda Monmaney, and Ann Thompson for the yarn donations! Ann has been collecting yarns for us from various resources and though I don't know who they are, we are grateful :-)

Thanks also goes out to Knitters from the Scarborough Public library, Hawkins from Brunswick, Me, and Diane Peach all the way from Story City Iowa who recently sent in hand made items.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Thank You From York County Shelter For Mitten Project Donation

ALL but one  delivery has been made and the recipient organizations have been truly grateful making this project very rewarding,

Joan Sylvester, Community Relations Director/Volunteer Coordinator of the York County Shelter Program sent us this kind note:

"It is truly amazing the “huge” number of items people sent in support of the Maine Mitten Project. I saw the picture of some of the items displayed at the Fryeburg Fair  Fiber Arts Center on your blog.  Unbelievable! It is so heartwarming to know that this many kind, caring people are knitting for our homeless men, women, and children. When our folks “brave” the chilly Maine winters, they will know that the person who knit the hat, mittens and/or scarf they wear cares very much about them. Please share with your donors our great gratitude for all their efforts for others, please include yourself in our gratitude."

Your welcome Joan! It has been our pleasure!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Maine Mitten Project Final Request for 2013

More than 800 of our collected items from generous knitters and crocheters were for children! Since only one of our four designated shelters accepts children's items we decided to put them to good use by including the WIC programs in Sanford, Biddeford, Portland, Auburn, Bangor and Skowhegan, Maine. Needless to say those groups were extremely pleased to learn that they would be receiving very needed items for their clients.

Although our 2013 collection campaign officially ended with the Fryeburg fair event last week with a whopping 2051 items I am making a final plea for Men's items as we were sadly unable to deliver enough Men's items to one of our shelters. Folks love to make things for children and often the stash being used to make charitable items are not man friendly :-) I'm not comlaining mind you, as EVERY item we receive is being directed to those in need but I felt it couldn't hurt to make one final request with another 6 weeks to go before this shelter will have their annual holiday event. I am looking for an additional 100 men's items to fill their need.

Anyone wishing to help will be greatly appreciated!

Please send any additional men's donations to:

Paul/ Maine Mitten Project
79 Harriet St
S Portland, Me 04106

Thanks to everyone!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2013 Maine Mitten Project Exceeds All Expectations!

Here's a great photo Max took of the exhibit at The Fiber Center at Fryeburg fair last week This is only a small representation of what was collected and the final tally is in. When the project began I thought if we received 400-500 items I would be pleased. Once we got half way through the drive I had bumped up my prediction to 1000 items, a very nice number. However, you went far beyond my expectations and we counted a total of 2051 items which includes many sets which we counted as one item donated. I have accounted for 124 donors. There were more than that but some items came to us untagged and nameless, so a big thank you to anyone whose name we missed or never received.If you donated and your name did not make the list please PM me and I will be glad to add your name to our list.

YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! Many folks in Maine will be much warmer this winter thanks to your kindness.

There was a large number of infant and small children's sizes which our designated shelters do not have clients for. As a result, we have decided to add the WIC program to our recipient list so that children in need will be able to benefit from your generosity. I will post a list of all recipients organizations and locations as soon as we have completed our distributions.

Again, thanks to all who helped. 

I look forward to another great year with the Maine Mitten Project!