Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2013 Maine Mitten Project Exceeds All Expectations!

Here's a great photo Max took of the exhibit at The Fiber Center at Fryeburg fair last week This is only a small representation of what was collected and the final tally is in. When the project began I thought if we received 400-500 items I would be pleased. Once we got half way through the drive I had bumped up my prediction to 1000 items, a very nice number. However, you went far beyond my expectations and we counted a total of 2051 items which includes many sets which we counted as one item donated. I have accounted for 124 donors. There were more than that but some items came to us untagged and nameless, so a big thank you to anyone whose name we missed or never received.If you donated and your name did not make the list please PM me and I will be glad to add your name to our list.

YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! Many folks in Maine will be much warmer this winter thanks to your kindness.

There was a large number of infant and small children's sizes which our designated shelters do not have clients for. As a result, we have decided to add the WIC program to our recipient list so that children in need will be able to benefit from your generosity. I will post a list of all recipients organizations and locations as soon as we have completed our distributions.

Again, thanks to all who helped. 

I look forward to another great year with the Maine Mitten Project!

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