Monday, November 25, 2013

New Contributions Continue to Come in!

A heartfelt thank you for our new contributions of much needed men's items!

Patti Quinn - Meredith, NH 

Mary Timberlake - Princeton, NJ 

Joanne LaCroix - Fairfax, Va

Tom - Portland, Me

Thank you!

And a very Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

    Monday, November 4, 2013

    Sanford Maine WIC Program Grateful for OUR Hard Work!

    This just in from another grateful group! Thank you Brenda for letting us know! It's what helps keep us going :-)

    "Dear Mitten Project Members,
    Thank you very much for the hats and mittens that you donated to the WIC program in Sanford.  The items are beautiful and we are very grateful to everyone who worked so hard to make them.  With the weather getting colder we are able to hand these warm items out to families in need.
    Again, thank you for your generosity." 

    York County Community Action WIC program.
    Brenda Feenstra

    Saturday, November 2, 2013

    Shaw House in Bangor Making Youths Happy Thanks to Maine Mitten Project Contributors!

    Just got a lovely note from Sally at Shaw House in Bangor, one of our recipient shelters, that focuses on youths. I can't tell you how proud I am of our accomplishment and of the impact we are having on our community!

    I just had to share it with you!

    "Thank you so much for the distribution of hats and mittens from the Maine Mitten Project. All of the items are absolutely wonderful and we are very, very  grateful to everyone that worked on the project with you, for their kindness, time and talent.
    We have started to distribute warm hats and mittens to the homeless youth that we serve here and they are thrilled to receive them! Now that the weather is getting colder these items are an amazing resource for our Street Outreach workers when they connect with young people on the streets. Also for young people at our Shelter and Day Drop-in Center, when they see the colorful hats and mittens their eyes light up! We will post some pictures of these happy faces (and happy hands J) on our Facebook and our Website, so that you can share with all the wonderful people that contributed to the project. Please let them know that thanks to all of your generous hearts and caring hands, the homeless youth that we serve at Shaw House, now have some protection from the worst of the Maine winter this year.
    Again thank you Gale for inviting us to be a recipient of the Maine Mittens Project … we are truly grateful for this generous support!
    Very best wishes,"
    Sally Tardiff
    Executive Director
    Shaw House
    Tel: 207-941-2874
    Fax: 207-941-2875

    I will post a link once I see that they have posted some of their pics but  take a minute to check out what this great organization does for Maine youths!

    Sunday, October 27, 2013

    New Donations for The Maine MItten Project

    Giving thanks to some recent donors!

    Want to help but have no yarn? There's lots of yarn now available at the Heart of Biddeford on Main St, Biddeford for anyone wishing to create but has no yarn. Stop by during their business hours 8am - 5pm to pick up yarn.

    Thanks to Mary Dardano, Susan Swanton, Linda Monmaney, and Ann Thompson for the yarn donations! Ann has been collecting yarns for us from various resources and though I don't know who they are, we are grateful :-)

    Thanks also goes out to Knitters from the Scarborough Public library, Hawkins from Brunswick, Me, and Diane Peach all the way from Story City Iowa who recently sent in hand made items.

    Friday, October 18, 2013

    Thank You From York County Shelter For Mitten Project Donation

    ALL but one  delivery has been made and the recipient organizations have been truly grateful making this project very rewarding,

    Joan Sylvester, Community Relations Director/Volunteer Coordinator of the York County Shelter Program sent us this kind note:

    "It is truly amazing the “huge” number of items people sent in support of the Maine Mitten Project. I saw the picture of some of the items displayed at the Fryeburg Fair  Fiber Arts Center on your blog.  Unbelievable! It is so heartwarming to know that this many kind, caring people are knitting for our homeless men, women, and children. When our folks “brave” the chilly Maine winters, they will know that the person who knit the hat, mittens and/or scarf they wear cares very much about them. Please share with your donors our great gratitude for all their efforts for others, please include yourself in our gratitude."

    Your welcome Joan! It has been our pleasure!

    Saturday, October 12, 2013

    Maine Mitten Project Final Request for 2013

    More than 800 of our collected items from generous knitters and crocheters were for children! Since only one of our four designated shelters accepts children's items we decided to put them to good use by including the WIC programs in Sanford, Biddeford, Portland, Auburn, Bangor and Skowhegan, Maine. Needless to say those groups were extremely pleased to learn that they would be receiving very needed items for their clients.

    Although our 2013 collection campaign officially ended with the Fryeburg fair event last week with a whopping 2051 items I am making a final plea for Men's items as we were sadly unable to deliver enough Men's items to one of our shelters. Folks love to make things for children and often the stash being used to make charitable items are not man friendly :-) I'm not comlaining mind you, as EVERY item we receive is being directed to those in need but I felt it couldn't hurt to make one final request with another 6 weeks to go before this shelter will have their annual holiday event. I am looking for an additional 100 men's items to fill their need.

    Anyone wishing to help will be greatly appreciated!

    Please send any additional men's donations to:

    Paul/ Maine Mitten Project
    79 Harriet St
    S Portland, Me 04106

    Thanks to everyone!

    Wednesday, October 9, 2013

    2013 Maine Mitten Project Exceeds All Expectations!

    Here's a great photo Max took of the exhibit at The Fiber Center at Fryeburg fair last week This is only a small representation of what was collected and the final tally is in. When the project began I thought if we received 400-500 items I would be pleased. Once we got half way through the drive I had bumped up my prediction to 1000 items, a very nice number. However, you went far beyond my expectations and we counted a total of 2051 items which includes many sets which we counted as one item donated. I have accounted for 124 donors. There were more than that but some items came to us untagged and nameless, so a big thank you to anyone whose name we missed or never received.If you donated and your name did not make the list please PM me and I will be glad to add your name to our list.

    YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! Many folks in Maine will be much warmer this winter thanks to your kindness.

    There was a large number of infant and small children's sizes which our designated shelters do not have clients for. As a result, we have decided to add the WIC program to our recipient list so that children in need will be able to benefit from your generosity. I will post a list of all recipients organizations and locations as soon as we have completed our distributions.

    Again, thanks to all who helped. 

    I look forward to another great year with the Maine Mitten Project!

    Saturday, September 21, 2013

    Maine Mitten Project Count Rising!

    The Maine Mitten Project got under way last fall and was promoted during Fryeburg Fair week in 2012. We've nearly come full circle for our first year and some of our collection results are in.

    Our Mailed in donations from various donors including folks who heard of us through and Artful, and items collected at the Heart of Biddeford, Rangely Library, and Scarborough Library have totaled 525 items! 

    I can happily report that from the Heart of Biddeford donor location we have collected 146 pieces with more than half of those donations coming from Suzy Mullen. Way to go Suzy!

    With a few other collection locations still to account for including our huge supporter Close Knit Sister's Yarn Shop in N Conway, NH, I fully expect to reach our goal of 1000 pieces!

    After the fair is ended I will complete a final report which I will post including acknowledgment of all donors.

    YOU ARE ALL AWESOME and we thank you SO VERY MUCH!

    Monday, August 26, 2013

    Mitten Project Is Making Progress Good Progress!

     This photo just in from one of our supporters from Thanks Rhonda!

    These are from another Ravelry knitter. Thanks Mary!

    And though I don't have a picture, we received a package with 9 pieces from Peggy Hopkins in the Virgin Isles. Peggy's mom is 92 years old and also participated in the Maine Reef Project! She tells us that it gives her mom something to use her left over yarns for and makes her happy.
    We're happy too!

    Also making a contribution this week was Donna who delivered a box and bag of unwanted yarns for us to hand out to anyone wishing to make items for our cause.

     Thank you to ALL!

    Please note that since I am not in Maine regularly I am unable to take photographs and report on all donations. I apologize to anyone who has been left out. I can only report on the work that I receive information about. I will do my best to recognize everyone once we have a completed list of donors after the exhibition. I appreciate your patience :-)

    Friday, August 2, 2013

    August 2013 Maine Mitten Project Update!

    Lots of great stuff coming in from very generous contributors. We are so fortunate to have so many folks helping our project out!

    From the Scarborough, Maine public library, Celeste has sent in this photo of 24 pairs of mittens created by Maria Orff of Waldoboro. Thanks Maria!

    Also in from Close Knit Sisters Yarn Shop in Conway, NH, this donation of 72 mittens from Judy of Conway. AMAZING! 

    There's still time for contributions! We will be accepting them at the Fiber Center through fair week from September 29th - October 6th or drop them at any of our drop locations listed on our home page.

    Tuesday, July 9, 2013

    July 2013 Mitten Project Update

    Family life and dealing with aging parents have kept me from posting lately but I have a bit of time so wanted to share some recent news.

    Donations keep coming in to collections sites and with every single item we grow closer to our goal! You are ALL incredible and we are so grateful for every single item that we receive. The generosity of community for the Fiber Center projects continues to surprise and delight me! I do not have names of most donors yet so I apologize for not acknowledging you all but know that in the end I will do my best to post a comprehensive list of everyone whose name I have from received donations once the project is complete for this year.

    But for now, Close Knit Sisters continues to collect an amazing amount of items from folks all around the Maine and New Hampshire border. Most recently, Donna from Poland, Maine dropped off more than 100 items! Thank you Donna!
    The next great find after arriving in Maine for my visit was a huge box from Jefferson Ohio donated by BluSkyes Charity Knitting, a member of I counted 198 pieces from them! In addition to a few lovely hand made hats, BluSkyes found a tremendous sale on hats, gloves, mittens and ear warmers at her local fabric store which she said she couldn't pass up. Her generosity will certainly help keep Mainers in need a bit warmer!

    Thanks again to everyone who is supporting our cause!

    Sunday, June 9, 2013 Members Support The Maine Mitten Project

    Knitters and crocheters who don't already know about are missing out! This is a GREAT interactive website that offers gazzillions of patterns, many free with photos of the work, comments about patterns discussion groups, support groups and more. 

    The Maine Mitten Project has formed a "group" on Ravelry and boasts 44 members. 

    One of our members "kleinch"posted this photo of her contribution to the project and says "For the Maine Mitten Project, for which we are collecting at school" 

    I have since learned that the school is in York, Maine so we will look forward to their contributions.

    Here's another from Ravelry member Wooleybear368 and made with her first hand spun. How generous of you Wooleybear!

    Thank you all!

    Saturday, June 8, 2013

    Maine Mitten Project Collection Approaching Our Goal!

    The hard part about this project is that I can only report on what I hear about. I know there are many folks out there who are knitting and crocheting for our project but I have no real idea of how many folks we have inspired to participate. I look forward to this year's deadline at Fryeburg Fair time which opens on September 29th when I can get a final count of our, well, YOUR  efforts!

    OUR GOAL? 1000 hand mades to distribute to our recipient organizations. We just might make it with all of your help! I roughly estimate that we are somewhere around 600 items. I know of many folks that are creating for us, including a Maine Reef contributor form St Croix, but have no idea what we will receive in the end. 

    Keep up the great work EVERYONE! Every single item helps and is appreciated.

    I recently put out a new quest to the knit and crochet group letting them know that our mix is  a bit shy on mittens. Ask and ye shall receive :-)

    These lovelies were completed by Marcia with more under way. Thanks Marcia!

    I also heard from Jennifer from REMAX Country Living in Fryeburg, one of our drop locations. She  has attempted to email me pictures of completed work multiple times but we seem to be having a technical problem so I'll post them when it gets resolved.

    And finally today, the Close Knit Sisters report for May:
    Our count for May:
    Mittens: 8
    Scarves: 10
    Hats: 39
    Hat/mitten sets: 4
    Blankets: 4

    Donated by:
    Patricia Eastman
    Gloria Tibbets
    Mountain View Knitters Guild
    Total count so far:
    Mittens: 85
    Scarves: 70
    Hats: 215
    Hat/mitten sets: 4
    Blankets: 4
    And Zoe also reports that " June is a whopper! Jody from Glen NH has crocheted/knitted 50 men's hats, 50 women's hats & 25 scarves! Not counted in total yet."

     I sincerely hope that when this year's deadline at the end of Fryeburg Fair which runs from September 29th - October 6th this year, that our goal of  1000 items is exceeded in our final count!

    Contributions will be accepted throughout fair week at the Fiber Center after which we will distribute them to our recipients. Any items arriving to us before the fair will be displayed to honor our achievement.



    Wednesday, May 22, 2013

    Maine Mitten Project Needs......

       The Maine Mitten Project is collecting some wonderful hand made donations for Maine's Homeless but we are a little off balance and could really use more mittens, fingerless, mitts or wrist warmers. 
    IF mittens are not your thing, no worries! WE gladly and gratefully will accept ANY and all hand mades that come our way.

    Thanks and happy creating!

    This beautiful mitten was made by Marcia a Midcoast Maine, Maine Mitten Project Supporter.

    Thanks Marcia!

    Sunday, May 19, 2013

    Rangeley Maine Public Library & Knitting Group Partnering with the Maine MItten Project

    Martha Bicknell of the The Rangeley, Maine Public Library knitting group recently contacted me to ask about creating for the Maine Mitten Project. Yeah and thank you Martha and the Rangeley knitters! Your contributions will be greatly appreciated!

    This group meets on Tuesdays from 4:30 - 5:30pm. Martha is inviting anyone who wishes to join them. Locals as well as vacationers are welcome!

    Additionally, the Rangeley Public Library has become a local drop location to anyone from that area wishing to create items for Maine's homeless.

    Located at 7 Lake St and their phone number is 207-864-5529. Items can be dropped during their regular business hours:

    Tuesday 10- 7
    Wednesday thru Friday 10-4:30
    Saturdays from 10 till 2pm

    They will be collecting hand made hats, mittens, and scarfs through early September.

    Isn't this a lovely building! Thank You for your support Rangeley Public Library!

    New Mitten Project Contribution in From Marshfield Hills,Mass.

    Thanks to our friend Rhonda  of Marshfield Hills, Ma for the mitten donation. We appreciate it Rhonda!

    Wednesday, May 8, 2013

    Close Knit Sisters April Mitten Project Report

    Cheryl & Zoe of Close Knit Sisters just sent me their monthly report. I can not believe how terrific their support has been! The Conway area has been prolific indeed! You guys rock :-)

    Check out the bin of donated yarns in the photo. Go on in and and join the fun!

    These are gorgeous guys! Man the Maine homeless will be well outfitted if Close Knit has anything to do with it, that's for sure.

    I hope this inspires YOU to make something today!

    Here is their count for April:

    Mittens - 11
    Scarves - 14
    Hats - 43
    Hat/Mitten sets - 4
    Blankets - 4
    Baby Bag & Hat - 1
    Contributors include: 
    Shelley of Fryeburg, ME
    Polly of Conway, NH
    Kieran of Madison, NH
    Mountain View Knitters Guild
    Gloria of Conway, NH
    Pat Eastman: Ossipee, NH
    Jean Davis of Hollis Center, ME

    Total Count from Close Knit  Sisters so far:
    Mittens: 77
    Hats: 176
    Scarves: 60
    Blanket: 5
    Hat/Mitten Sets: 4
    Baby Bag & Hat: 1
    Sweater: 1 

    Rangeley Maine Public Library Knitting Group Creating for the Maine Mitten Project

    Word just in from Martha of the Rangeley Maine Public Library knitting group. They are beginning to create items for our project. YEAH and thanks for your support! We will look forward to pictures of their creations and contributions.

    IF anyone else out there is creating for us, please let us know. I'm still waiting to hear of details from a group in the York County schools who are also participating. Every bit helps!

    Monday, April 8, 2013

    Close Knit Sisters Reports March Maine Mitten Project Donations

    Close Knit Sisters continues their support of the Maine Mitten Project with their monthly reports. This month they have collected 3 pairs of mittens, 39 hats, 9 scarves, 1 blanket,  and 1 sweater.

    Their grand total to date is:
    66 pairs of mittens
    133 hats
    46 scarves
    1 blanket 
    1 sweater

    Their donors this month include:

    Charlotte from York, Me 
    Jean from Glen,NH
    Robin & Judy from Freedom, NH
    Polly from Conway, NH
    Karen C. from Bridgton, ME
    Patricia Eastman from Conway, NH

    Thank you all for your generous contributions!

    Close Knit Sisters offers donated yarn to anyone who wants to make something to contribute. Stop by and check them out!

    Monday, April 1, 2013

    Adorable Baby Hats Just in!

    Thanks to 
    Andrea Consolazio of Beverly , MA 
    for these cute baby hats! 

    They are so adorable!


    Thursday, March 7, 2013

    Reading, MA group Collecting for the Maine Mitten Project

    It has recently come to my attention that member and member of the Ravelry Maine Mitten Project group, Mary Ines of N Reading, MA is collecting hand mades at her church for us. Turns out she has family in the Fryeburg area and visits there often. She plans to collect completed work and drop them off at our drop location, Close Knit Sisters in N Conway, when she comes to town.

    She has so far collected work from:

    Alice Webb and Martha Wishart of Reading, MA.

    Thank you ladies!

    Mary is planning to send some photos to post when she has a chance.
    Anyone out there in the Reading, MA area is welcome to drop off there:

    Mary/ The Maine Mitten Project
    The Church of Good Shepherd
    95 Woburn St
    Reading, MA01867

    OR send to our S Portland, ME mail to address in the right column of this page.

    Thanks for your efforts Mary! We'll look forward to your pictures!

    Monday, March 4, 2013

    Maine Mitten Project Donation Count as of March 4th, 2013

    Trying to keep track of the incoming donations for this project is not an easy task! Certainly, it is not completely accurate but thought you might like to see where we are to the best of my knowledge as of today... I know there is more stuff out there but this is what we have in hand right now.

    So here it is!

    Hats: 82

    Mittens: 41

    Scarves: 36

    Keep 'em coming folks! Maine's homeless certainly will appreciate your hard work!

    Thanks all!

    Catching up!

    I was recently visiting my family in Maine so was finally able to get some photos of donations we have received and give some credit to our donors!

    Blue Beannies from Moi :-)

    Lovely Cloche from Janice Beaulieu of Port Charlotte, FL

    Check this lovely group out! Our "mail to" came home one afternoon to find a shopping bag with these lovely bundles in it! Hats and matching scarves tied together with ribbons! Thanks to Merideth whoever you are!

    These scarves came from Sharon but somehow I don't have where she is from! Sorry Sharon but thanks for you donation!

    Thank you all!

    Donations From Close Knit Sisters Growing for Maine Mitten Project

    Got these wonderful photos from Close Knit Sisters in N. Conway recently. They sure have been busy! Way to go!

    Cheryl & Zoe Reported 38 pairs of mittens, 47 Hats and 28 scarves as of February 18th!

    Donations collected at Close Knit Sisters so far came from:

    Roberta, Judy, Suzanne, Pag, Kathy, Paula & The Valley Lutheran Knitters all of N. Conway.

    Sandy - Freedom, NH
    Kieran, Karen & Anna - Freedom, NH
    Louise & Gloria - Conway, NH
    Deeann - Fryeburg, Me
    Joyce - Lovell, Me
    Chris & Cheryl - Stow, Me

    "And last but certainly not least - Jody from Jackson, NH had 68 hats done" as of Feb 25th! She took tags home to attach to her creations.

    Close Knit Sisters has received many yarn donations for the project and apparently Jody took a bunch more yarn home with her to continue her stock pile for the project.

    Amazing you are Jody and thanks to Close Knit Sisters who have been so supportive of our efforts!

    This final photo is what they collected this last week. Maine's homeless will be a lot warmer thanks to all of you out there who are caring enough to take time from your busy lives to create hand mades for the homeless! The sisters keep thanking the Maine Mitten Project for this opportunity. I am glad to have connected with you and so appreciate all that you are doing. I am feeling such a strong sense of community and humanity form your efforts. There just aren't enough words to say....

    Wednesday, February 6, 2013

    We've Got Mail!

    Thanks to Janice Beaulieu of Port Charlotte, Florida for your cute hand made hat contribution! Check back later for a photo!

    Monday, February 4, 2013

    Charity Knitting Nights Scheduled at Close Knit Sisters in N Conway, NH

    Close Knit Sisters Yarn Shop in N. Conway, NH is hosting: 

    Charity Knitting Night
    With Kathy Cooper
    Tuesdays February 19th & 26th from 6-8pm
    This will be an opportunity to get together with other knitters and crocheters and create for a cause! We are collecting mittens, hats & scarves for the Maine Mitten Project – or you can come and knit for your own cause!  Everyone is welcome, but please bring a project that you know how to make – Kathy wants to set aside this evening to knit, share & laugh with others.

    Thank You Ladies :-) 

    Thursday, January 31, 2013

    Mitten Pattern by Maine Author & Knitter Featured in February 2013 Downeast Magazine

    I just found out that Maine Author Robin Hansen, has a pattern from one of her books published in the February 2013 Downeast Magazine. It's called Lithuanian Ribby Knit Mitten. 
    You can find it on line here.

    A Folklorist whose passion for knitting and fascination with the traditions of mitten making in Maine, led Robin to write books on the lore of Mittens from Maine and other cold climates, including their patterns. Many knitters are familiar with her offerings.

    Here are a few of her books that can be found at Downeast Publishing:


    Maine Mitten Project Donations Are Coming In.

    Close Knit Sisters Yarn shop in N Conway, NH has reported that they have collected 12 pairs of Mittens, 24 Hats and 11 Scarves to date. GO SISTERS! Great job......

    Here is a donation from Ann Thompson, Biddeford, Me

    Thanks Ann!

    Monday, January 21, 2013

    Scarborough Public Library accepting Donations for the Maine Mitten Project

    The Scarborough Public Library has become an official drop location for completed hand made items for the Maine Mitten Project. 

    Thank You!

    Items may be dropped off during regular library hours at 48 Gorham Rd. Scarborough.

    Please tag your hand made donation with one of our gift tags which you can find here.

    The library has copies of the free project flyer with information  and a few basic patterns. For more patterns go to our patterns page for links.

    Sunday, January 20, 2013

    REMAX/ Country Living In Fryeburg Collecting for the Maine Mitten Project

    I got this photo from Jen at REMAX/ Country Living last week. Isn't this great!

    Some folks have been busy helping to keep Maine's needy warm and supporting the Maine Mitten Project! We didn't expect to get sweaters BUT are very happy to accept them and no doubt some children will be very glad for the lovely hand made gifts!

    These lovely items were donated by Theresa Peavey of Bridgton, Me. Thank you Theresa! 

    Thanks to all! Your efforts are greatly appreciated by all......

    Crochet Hat Pattern for The Maine Mitten Project

    I've been keeping my fingers busy and using up left over yarns to make hats and mittens in the last weeks. I use a basic pattern for the hat that I improvised from other hats I've made in the past. Since I am not making for anyone in particular, it doesn't matter what size it ends up being. That means I don't have to check gauge all the time. I hate checking gauge! :-) What a godsend!

    Here's what I've made up lately.

    You can see that one of my hats ended up being a beret. That was an oops! I increased way too much for the yarn and hook size. It would have fit Big Foot so I improvised and it turned out great!

    Anyway, here is my pattern:

    Use a hook that works with your yarn weight.

    - Chain 3 and join
    - sc 8 in the ring & mark the beginning of the nxt round
    - 2 sc in ea st to the end of the round
    - 1sc, inc 1 by doing 2 sc repeat all around
    - 2sc, inc 1, repeat all around
    - 3sc, inc 1, repeat all around
    - continue working in the round increasing sc sts between increases by one for each round until you have 7sc between increases for Small, 8 sc between increases for Med and 9 for large. Keep in mind that the yarn size and hook size will affect the size of your finished piece. I have made some that will fit dread heads really well :-)

    Ok so once you have decided how many increase rows you want the rest of the hat is done in sc in every st. In the first row of no increases, I work the back loop only but you don't have to. Continue to sc until the hat is the depth you want. I go at least 6". Keep in mind that the edge will roll up a bit after you tie off so you lose some of the depth. Adjust your final depth accordingly.

    You can see that I also use up ends by making stripes along the way but anything goes!

    The mitten pattern I use is a basic easy crochet pattern that you can find here.

    Sunday, January 13, 2013

    Close Knit Sisters Yarn Shop Collections Have Begun

    Close Knit Sisters Yarn Shop in N Conway, NH has begun collecting for the Maine Mitten Project and has a nice basket of items in their display. Stop by and check them out, or drop off your contributions during regular business hours.

    Thanks to Close Knit Sisters for helping us out! Keep that collection growing :-)

    Monday, January 7, 2013

    RE/MAX Country Living in Fryeburg To Be A Maine Mitten Project Drop Location....

    Maine real estate

    A BIG thank you to Jennifer Regan for finding us and to owner Bill Reilly of RE/MAX Country Living in Fryeburg, Maine for becoming a designated drop location for the Maine Mitten Project. Look for their roadside marquee with posted information about our project.

    Lucky for us, RE/MAX Country Living was looking for a charitable project to support and found our info on line. We so appreciate their support and hope you will stop by their office to pick up information and patterns or to drop off your hand made donations soon!

    They are located at:
    235 Bridgton Road, Unit 1
    FryeburgMaine 04037

    We have lots of irons in the fire since the first of the year so look for more news about the Maine Mitten Project activities and supporters in the next days to come.

    Happy New Year!