Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 2013 Mitten Project Update

Family life and dealing with aging parents have kept me from posting lately but I have a bit of time so wanted to share some recent news.

Donations keep coming in to collections sites and with every single item we grow closer to our goal! You are ALL incredible and we are so grateful for every single item that we receive. The generosity of community for the Fiber Center projects continues to surprise and delight me! I do not have names of most donors yet so I apologize for not acknowledging you all but know that in the end I will do my best to post a comprehensive list of everyone whose name I have from received donations once the project is complete for this year.

But for now, Close Knit Sisters continues to collect an amazing amount of items from folks all around the Maine and New Hampshire border. Most recently, Donna from Poland, Maine dropped off more than 100 items! Thank you Donna!
The next great find after arriving in Maine for my visit was a huge box from Jefferson Ohio donated by BluSkyes Charity Knitting, a member of Ravelry.com. I counted 198 pieces from them! In addition to a few lovely hand made hats, BluSkyes found a tremendous sale on hats, gloves, mittens and ear warmers at her local fabric store which she said she couldn't pass up. Her generosity will certainly help keep Mainers in need a bit warmer!

Thanks again to everyone who is supporting our cause!

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