1. How can I help?
  • Make a pair of mittens, hat or scarf any size any style and donate them
  • Buy a pair of handmade mittens, hat or scarf and donate them
  • Donate Yarn, Needles and Hooks  
  • Tell a friend about the project
  • Teach someone how to knit, crochet, or felt a pair of mittens, hat or scarf to donate
2.  Do I have to use a special pattern ?
     No. Any kind of mitten, hat or scarf, knitted, crocheted or felted, any size and any color or color  
     way is acceptable.

3.  What kind of yarn should I use?
     Items made from ANY YARNS WILL BE ACCEPTED. 
     Tips For Choosing Yarn:
3. What about needle size or yarn weight?
    All sizes will be used so no need to worry about the needle or yarn size. Someone will be 
    happy to receive whatever size they are.

4. Can I make gloves, hooded fingerless gloves, fingerless gloves, mitts or gauntlets instead of 
    Yes! Any hand covering will be appreciated.
5. Who will get the items at the end of the Project?
     Maine homeless Men, Women and Children in need.

6. How will the items get to the needy after the 2013 Fiber Center Exhibit?
     Fiber Center volunteers will deliver them to selected charitable groups and     
     organizations for distribution.

7.  What groups and organizations will be distributing the mittens?
     Preble St., servicing greater Portland, Portland, Maine
     York County Shelter Programs, servicing York County, Alfred Maine
     Shaw House, Bangor, Maine

8. Should I tag my donation?
    YES! Though this is optional.

    Printable Maine Mitten Project gift tags are available Here
    Please fill in your name, city and state that you are from and on the back side, you can add what you
    made the item from and how to care for it.

9. Where do I send my finished work?
    Mail to:
    Paul @ The Maine Mitten Project
    87 Harriet St, S Portland, Me 04106

    Drop Off:
    Locations are listed on the Home page