Saturday, June 8, 2013

Maine Mitten Project Collection Approaching Our Goal!

The hard part about this project is that I can only report on what I hear about. I know there are many folks out there who are knitting and crocheting for our project but I have no real idea of how many folks we have inspired to participate. I look forward to this year's deadline at Fryeburg Fair time which opens on September 29th when I can get a final count of our, well, YOUR  efforts!

OUR GOAL? 1000 hand mades to distribute to our recipient organizations. We just might make it with all of your help! I roughly estimate that we are somewhere around 600 items. I know of many folks that are creating for us, including a Maine Reef contributor form St Croix, but have no idea what we will receive in the end. 

Keep up the great work EVERYONE! Every single item helps and is appreciated.

I recently put out a new quest to the knit and crochet group letting them know that our mix is  a bit shy on mittens. Ask and ye shall receive :-)

These lovelies were completed by Marcia with more under way. Thanks Marcia!

I also heard from Jennifer from REMAX Country Living in Fryeburg, one of our drop locations. She  has attempted to email me pictures of completed work multiple times but we seem to be having a technical problem so I'll post them when it gets resolved.

And finally today, the Close Knit Sisters report for May:
Our count for May:
Mittens: 8
Scarves: 10
Hats: 39
Hat/mitten sets: 4
Blankets: 4

Donated by:
Patricia Eastman
Gloria Tibbets
Mountain View Knitters Guild
Total count so far:
Mittens: 85
Scarves: 70
Hats: 215
Hat/mitten sets: 4
Blankets: 4
And Zoe also reports that " June is a whopper! Jody from Glen NH has crocheted/knitted 50 men's hats, 50 women's hats & 25 scarves! Not counted in total yet."

 I sincerely hope that when this year's deadline at the end of Fryeburg Fair which runs from September 29th - October 6th this year, that our goal of  1000 items is exceeded in our final count!

Contributions will be accepted throughout fair week at the Fiber Center after which we will distribute them to our recipients. Any items arriving to us before the fair will be displayed to honor our achievement.



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