Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Maine Mitten Project Needs......

   The Maine Mitten Project is collecting some wonderful hand made donations for Maine's Homeless but we are a little off balance and could really use more mittens, fingerless, mitts or wrist warmers. 
IF mittens are not your thing, no worries! WE gladly and gratefully will accept ANY and all hand mades that come our way.

Thanks and happy creating!

This beautiful mitten was made by Marcia a Midcoast Maine, Maine Mitten Project Supporter.

Thanks Marcia!


  1. Marcia is my mom - doesn't she make beautiful mittens?! She also did this pattern with a myriad of neon colors, and though they would be adorable on kids, I kept them for myself! :)

  2. She does make a very lovely mitten :-)