Monday, August 26, 2013

Mitten Project Is Making Progress Good Progress!

 This photo just in from one of our supporters from Thanks Rhonda!

These are from another Ravelry knitter. Thanks Mary!

And though I don't have a picture, we received a package with 9 pieces from Peggy Hopkins in the Virgin Isles. Peggy's mom is 92 years old and also participated in the Maine Reef Project! She tells us that it gives her mom something to use her left over yarns for and makes her happy.
We're happy too!

Also making a contribution this week was Donna who delivered a box and bag of unwanted yarns for us to hand out to anyone wishing to make items for our cause.

 Thank you to ALL!

Please note that since I am not in Maine regularly I am unable to take photographs and report on all donations. I apologize to anyone who has been left out. I can only report on the work that I receive information about. I will do my best to recognize everyone once we have a completed list of donors after the exhibition. I appreciate your patience :-)

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