Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crochet Hat Pattern for The Maine Mitten Project

I've been keeping my fingers busy and using up left over yarns to make hats and mittens in the last weeks. I use a basic pattern for the hat that I improvised from other hats I've made in the past. Since I am not making for anyone in particular, it doesn't matter what size it ends up being. That means I don't have to check gauge all the time. I hate checking gauge! :-) What a godsend!

Here's what I've made up lately.

You can see that one of my hats ended up being a beret. That was an oops! I increased way too much for the yarn and hook size. It would have fit Big Foot so I improvised and it turned out great!

Anyway, here is my pattern:

Use a hook that works with your yarn weight.

- Chain 3 and join
- sc 8 in the ring & mark the beginning of the nxt round
- 2 sc in ea st to the end of the round
- 1sc, inc 1 by doing 2 sc repeat all around
- 2sc, inc 1, repeat all around
- 3sc, inc 1, repeat all around
- continue working in the round increasing sc sts between increases by one for each round until you have 7sc between increases for Small, 8 sc between increases for Med and 9 for large. Keep in mind that the yarn size and hook size will affect the size of your finished piece. I have made some that will fit dread heads really well :-)

Ok so once you have decided how many increase rows you want the rest of the hat is done in sc in every st. In the first row of no increases, I work the back loop only but you don't have to. Continue to sc until the hat is the depth you want. I go at least 6". Keep in mind that the edge will roll up a bit after you tie off so you lose some of the depth. Adjust your final depth accordingly.

You can see that I also use up ends by making stripes along the way but anything goes!

The mitten pattern I use is a basic easy crochet pattern that you can find here.

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